(2014) DivPro

DivPro is the next generation of diving flash-lights specially designed for your GoPro Camera. It is specially designed to withstand true diving environments . With the following features : 1) 86 Super LED Matrix each of 60-degree range to provide the best light spread for your GoPro camera shoots. No more dark areas in the edges of your diving shoots 2) Battery Life of 2 full hours per charge. 3) Water-tight design with its double V-seal protecting all the internal components from any water leakage 4) Ergonomic light-weight fiber glass casing with : - Two handles for extra control - Concave designed lens for extra light spread - Specified water-tight designed ports for the control-knob and charging port -Lanyard connected to the DivPro chassis -Control knob for luminosity control under water -Sealed DC charging port for easy charging -Specified platform for the GoPro official diving case assembly Keep posted for the final product prototype and real diving shoots !

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