(2013) Snack-It

Snack-It is a healthy dip-snacks product line aiming children with an attractive toy-like packaging. The package comes with a dipping and number of plain high-fiber biscuits to eat with.A variety of dipping is offered with a well distinguished packages : jam,honey,cream cheese and peanut butter. Most of the treats offered to our kids these days are either unhealthy and full with fructose sugars which the body stores as fats.Or have dull packaging if any. And in order to reach healthier diets for our children we have to make the choice to do so and we need the product that makes our life easier doing it. Snack-It is offering a quick off-the-shelf solution for a kids' healthy snack; which can be used in schools ,trips and even as mid-play snacks. And with the toy packaging convincing our kids won't be an issue. What kid doesn't want a free toy !?

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