(2012) Squat Comfort

Ergonomic squat cushion that locks preventing any dispositions during exercise thus preventing back and neck injuries! Most of the available squat cushions are in a tubular shape with an open end (C-Shaped); causing the following disappointments while doing squats : 1-Rotates or moves while exercising thus allowing the bar to be in contact with your body causing a lot of pain and discomfort 2-The foam or is of a stiff shape that doesn't match the body contours The solution was simple for the above issues : 1- Lock the cushion on the bar preventing it from rotating or moving along the its axis with a smart easy and quick locking mechanism 2- Make the cushion foam fits the back & neck ergonomic shapes then covering it with a leather cover 3- All of this is comes together through a well designed plastic chassis that hold everything together ! RESULT : More comfortable back and neck while exercising making you focus more on your actual workout !

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