(2012) BackRub

BACKRUB is an electro-mechanical device with a long body-sculpted stem,three modules to choose between,speed controlling buttons and a safe induction charger wall mounted dock. The rotating base island moves along the stem giving both the "rotary" and "linear" scrubbing experience that is a result of a rack and pinion mechanism. The base is connected to the pinion hard plastic gear (no rust there) gear with a universal joint that allows the base to scrub along body contours. The three modules to switch between as per your need are : sponge, brush and massage modules . Those modules are attached using a quick magnetic latch with pins allows easy installation and dismantling while preventing rotary relative movement to the base. The speed controlling sealed buttons in the handle allow easy speed control by a simple plus and minus speed options. A safe induction wall mounted dock charger for safe electric charging and that lights when device is charging and turns off while charging is complete. The full design for this product including all the electronic components has been made ; so in theory and by solid model simulation it works !

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