(2012) AMINO Crusher

First Amino-Acids tablets grinding mobile device. No more choke on your amino-acid tabs after a hard workout at the gym! The huge amino-acid tabs is a big challenge to swallow for most of the people and even for body builders.Seeing a lot of people at my gym suffering from this and nearly quieting this beneficial supplement for it! I had to come up with a solution ! The solution was simple..CRUSH'em..AT THE GYM! AMINO TAB CRUSHER is the perfect mobile solution to grind the amino-acid tabs into a soluble powder that goes directly in to your shaker with its conical discharge nozzle; allowing for an easy fast absorption product. AMINO TAB CRUSHER design has the following practical features : 1)Strong 4 stainless steel blades to crush 8 tabs at a time 2)Pores to make sure that only fine crushed amino will falls through the discharge nozzle 3)Ergonomic fist-sized shape; so you can carry it around literally anywhere 4)Powered with 2*AAA batteries so you are ready to go without charging troubles 5)Water insulated becuase we know you will get it wet

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