(2011) Tulip

A unique newborn crib design that is inspired by the beautiful tulip flower. It is designed for the newborn babies from 0 to 12 Months. The tulip-like attractive design allows the crib to be a warm master piece in any bedroom giving the feeling that the tulip is hugging your baby. This unique design fits both males and female babies; all you have to change are the sheets and you've got yourself a totally new crib! The long leaf column design allows an easy mosquito netting support that will fit most of commercial netting. The two battery-powered push-to-switch LED lights are positioned in an accessible and easy way for the parents. The top LED angle is designed to avoid the baby's face and at the same time to give an indirect light for the parent visibility while checking on the baby during a night’s sleep (Re-placed with my Pebble product in the renders). The bottom LED is positioned below the crib base to give an attractive ambiance light which will be a huge assistance for the parents while walking around the baby’s room at night. The circular sleeping area allows the baby to rotate in the crib freely without being squeezed by the crib boarders. It is fabricated from oak wood; painted with a glossy white paint color that gives a mixed feeling of modernism and warmth. The white color will allow as well for re-using the crib for different gender in the future just by changing the sheets. Additionally it is designed to be easy to transport and assemble for mass production purposes.

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